Image of Babysitter - Self Titled 12" LP

Babysitter - Self Titled 12" LP


With their self-titled follow-up to 2012's hit parade, Eye, the Babysitter boys bring their incredible knack for melody to sounds and subjects of a more experimental persuasion.

While anthemic bangers such as “Exploding Youth” and “Envy” and jangle punk screeds such as “Hard Times” and “Maintaining My Direction” remain the band’s bread and butter, they are complimented on Babysitter by free-form freak-outs such as “Neighbours Play The Worst Music” and downtempo genre exercises such as “Candy” and “Hippy in the City.” The resulting album captures the Babysitter you can expect to see live: poignant and hopeful hits tempered by aggressive asides and humourous provocations.