Shopping Tips, Shipping, and Store Policies

Thank-you for your interest in Psychic Handshake Recordings.

Before placing your order, there are a few things you should know about this webstore:

First of all, shipping costs are based on Canadian postage, which is quite expensive and calculated in a manner that is inconsistent with the Canada Post Service Charter (art. 3 & 4 in particular). We are terribly sorry, but there is nothing we can do about this. If you would like to shop smart, you should bear in mind that the average cost of shipping per item goes down as you add additional items to your cart. For example: shipping a single LP is quite expensive, but you can add an additional LP/7 inch, etc. without considerably affecting the total cost of shipping.

Second, we make every effort to ship in a timely manner, but we cannot guarantee that we will have your order in the mail on the day after you place it. The most it will generally take us to have something in the mail is one week. On top of this, please consider the usual shipping times from our location to yours. Canada Post has recently phased out the more affordable (but slower) surface shipping options previously available to international shippers. Shipping prices are now even higher than before, but you can expect more rapid delivery.

We make every effort to offer package deals when possible to soften the blow of excessive shipping fees.

If our costs are discouraging you from ordering direct, we encourage you to track down our titles through one of the many mail orders, distributors, or retail stores that stock them.

At present, we are distributed in the United States by Revolver USA. We are distributed by F.A.B. in Canada.

Mail orders that stock our releases include: Florida’s Dying, Goner, Kill Shaman, and All Day Records.

If you stock our releases and do not see your name listed above, please contact us at and we will add your name to the list. If you would like to stock our titles, please contact us for wholesale rates.