Image of The Famines - Stay Home Club "Paper Single"

The Famines - Stay Home Club "Paper Single"


This is a 20"X30" Double-Sided Newsprint Poster beautifully designed by Raymond Biesinger, containing download codes for two NEW Famines songs: "Stay at Home Club" and "Who Wants Disarmament?"

Stay at Home Club is classic thrashing Famines garage rock, with all the starts and stops, angular guitars, thundering percussion and smart lyrics you'd expect, making for another excellent entry into the Famines single collection.

Who Wants Disarmament? is a new sound for the Famines, and is more meditative, psyched out, and pounding. It builds and builds and wails and builds. The track perfectly offsets the bouncing freneticism of the A-Side, making for a killer 1-2 punch from this Montreal-via-Edmonton duo.

Ships April 7.